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"Multisensor INTerpretation of behaviours and situations for an INTelligent INTervention in complex and dynamic environments" (INT3) is a coordinated project which deepens still more in the task of environment understanding, with the remarkable newness of the introduction of multisensor data fusion.

Scientific Goals

The concrete objectives of the multisensorial system of behaviors and situations interpretation for an intelligent intervention in complex and dynamic environments are:

  1. To monitor the complex scenario, using all the capacities of the different types of sensors used, and, in addition, in a collaborative / cooperative way among the diverse sensors of the system.
  2. To optimize and implement the segmentation algorithms for the elements of interest, as well as the labelling and tracking of the objects so that real time processing can be achiened by the system.
  3. To create new mechanisms of joint interpretation of the information originated at different sources, and to facilitate the taking of interpretation,recognition, classification or demand of new information steps.
  4. To design multimodal and augmented user interfaces that can respond to requests in very intuitive form.
  5. To diagnose the behaviors and situations from the information captured by each sensor, as well as by means of data fusion from the different sensors that conform the system.
  6. To act in an intelligent way on the scenario with support of mobile robots based on the previously obtained diagnosis.


Evaluating 3D spatial pyramids for classifying 3D shapes

R. J. López-Sastre, A. García-Fuertes, C. Redondo-Cabrera, F. J. Acevedo-Rodríguez, S. Maldonado-Bascón.

Computers & Graphics, 2013. PDF Project page - Executable Paper

Vehicle Tracking by Simultaneous Detection and Viewpoint Estimation

R. Guerrero-Gómez-Olmedo, R. J. López-Sastre, S. Maldonado-Bascón, A. Fernández-Caballero.

IWINAC, 2013. PDF GRAM-RTM Dataset

Discriminant Splitting of Regions in Traffic Sign Recognition

S. Lafuente-Arroyo, R. J. López-Sastre, S. Maldonado-Bascón, R. Martínez-Tomás.


People Detection in Color and Infrared Video using HOG and Linear SVM

P. Tribaldos, J. Serrano-Cuerda, M. T. López, A. Fernández-Caballero, R. J. López-Sastre.


Heterogeneous Visual Codebook Integration via Consensus Clustering for Visual Categorization

R. J. López-Sastre, J. Renes-Olalla, P. Gil-Jiménez, S. Maldonado-Bascón, S. Lafuente-Arroyo.

IEEE TCSVT, 2013. PDF Project page

SURFing the Point Clouds: Selective 3D Spatial Pyramids for Category-level Object Recognition

C. Redondo-Cabrera, R. J. López-Sastre, F.J. Acevedo-Rodríguez, S. Maldonado-Bascón.

CVPR, 2012. PDF Project page

Hand Detection and Tracking Using the Skeleton of the Blob for Medical Rehabilitation Applications

P. Gil-Jiménez, B. Losilla-López, R. Torres-Cueco, A. Campilho and Roberto López-Sastre.

ICIAR, 2012 PDF Data

SHREC'12 Track: Generic 3D Shape Retrieval

B. Li, A. Godil, M. Aono, X. Bai, T. Furuya, L. Li, R. López-Sastre, H. Johan, R. Ohbuchi, C. Redondo-Cabrera, A. Tatsuma, T. Yanagimachi, S. Zhang.

3DOR: Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, 2012 PDF

Real-time human segmentation in infrared videos

A. Fernández-Caballero, J. Carlos-Castillo, J. Serrano-Cuerda, S. Maldonado-Bascón.

Expert Systems with Applications, 2011. PDF

Deformable Part Models Revisited: A Performance Evaluation for Object Category Pose Estimation

R. J. López-Sastre, T. Tuytelaars, S. Savarese.

1st IEEE Workshop on Challenges and Opportunities in Robot Perception, ICCV, 2011. PDF Project page

Fast Reciprocal Nearest Neighbors Clustering

R. J. López-Sastre, D. Oñoro-RUbio, P. Gil-Jiménez, S. Maldonado-Bascón.

Signal Processing, 2012. PDF Code

Evaluation of shape classification techniques based on the signature of the blob

P. Gil-Jiménez, H. Gómez-Moreno, J. Acevedo-Rodríguez, R. J. López-Sastre, S. Maldonado-Bascón.

Signal Processing, 2012. PDF Dataset

Clustering of Trajectories in Video Surveillance Using Growing Neural Gas

J. Acevedo-Rodríguez, S. Maldonado-Bascón, R. J. López-Sastre, P. Gil-Jiménez, A. Fernández-Caballero.


Towards a more discriminative and semantic visual vocabulary

R. J. López-Sastre, T. Tuytelaars, J. Acevedo-Rodríguez, S. Maldonado-Bascón.

Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 2011. PDF Code

Visual Word Aggregation

R. J. López-Sastre, J. Renes-Olalla, P. Gil-Jiménez, S. Maldonado-Bascón.


Data, Software and Results


  • GRAM - Road Traffic Monitoring - Download
  • 3D Shape Categorization Benchmark - Download
  • ICARO: Image Collection of Annotated Real-world Objects - Download
  • PASCAL VOC Augmented dataset (2006,2007,2010) - Download
  • Evaluation of shape classification techniques based on the signature of the blob - Download
  • Hand Detection and Tracking Using the Skeleton of the Blob for Medical Rehabilitation Applications - Download


Object dection and Pose Estimation - See this video with object detection and precise pose estimation results!




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